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Product information


Synthetic rolling and plain bearing greases

Benefits for your application

Long service life when exposed to water or aqueous media due to special thickener
Many years of successful use in the automotive and machine building industries


ISOFLEX TOPAS NB 52 is a rolling and plain bearing grease for a wide service temperature range. It consists of synthetic hydrocarbon oil and barium complex soap. The grease is resistant to water, ambient media, oxidation and aging, and it protects reliably against corrosion.

ISOFLEX TOPAS NB 152 is an extreme-pressure grease for high speeds and/or temperatures. It is based on synthetic hydrocarbon oil and barium complex soap. The grease is resistant to water and ambient media, and it protects reliably against corrosion.


ISOFLEX TOPAS NB 52 For rolling and plain bearings subject to high speeds and loads, also for low temperatures.

ISOFLEX TOPAS NB 52 is also suitable for the lubrication of tooth flanks in precision gears

(e.g. bevel gears in milling machines, electromechanical actuators for valves).

The grease can also be used for electric contacts and components. Properly applied, ISOFLEX TOPAS NB 52 reduces electrical resistance in the lubrication point (e.g. electroconductive flexible roller bearings, interrupter tubes).

In addition, the product is resistant to many plastics*.

ISOFLEX TOPAS NB 152 For rolling and plain bearings, for example wheel bearings in racing cars, fan bearings, pump bearings. The grease is also suitable for plastic/plastic or steel/plastic friction points*.

Application notes

The greases are applied by spatula, brush, grease gun or cartridge.

* Due to the many different elastomer and plastic compositions their compatibility has to be checked prior to series applications.

Minimum shelf life

The minimum shelf life is approx. 36 months if the product is stored in its unopened original container in a dry, frost-free place.

Pack sizes

400 g cartridge 1 kg can 25 kg bucket

Material Safety Data Sheets

Material safety data sheets can be downloaded or requested via our website You may also obtain them through your contact person at Klüber Lubrication.

ISOFLEX TOPAS NB 52, 152, Art. No.: 004131, 004145, en Edition 08.07, replaces edition 01.07 GATE-B/SP


Product information


Synthetic rolling and plain bearing greases

Color beige light beige
Texture homogeneous, short-fibred homogeneous, short-fibred
Density at 20°C, [g/cm3], approx. 0.96 0.96
Lower service temperature*, [°C], approx. -50 -40
Upper service temperature* for rolling bearings acc. to DIN 51825, [°C], approx. +120 +140
Upper service temperature * for other applications, [°C], approx. +120 +150
Drop point, DIN ISO 2176, [°C] > 240 > 240
Worked penetration, DIN ISO 2137 (ASTM D 217), [0.1 mm] 265 - 295 265 - 295
Corrosion protection (Emcor test), DIN 51 802, 1 week, distilled water, rating 0 0
Base oil viscosity, DIN 51 562 , pt. 01 at 40°C, [mm²/s], approx. at 100°C, [mm²/s], approx. 30 5.9 100 14.5
Speed factor** (n x dm), [mm x min-1], approx. 1,000,000 600,000
Apparent dynamic viscosity at 25°C, shear rate 300 s-1, device: rotational viscometer, [mPas] 4,000 – 5,500 5,500 – 8,500
Copper corrosion, DIN 51 811, (lubricating grease), 24 h, corrosion rating 1-100 1-120
Oil separation, FTMS 791 C 321.3 (ASTM D 6184), after 30h/100°C, [% by wt] ≤ 3 ≤ 2
Oxidation stability of lubricating greases, DIN 51 808, 100h/99°C, pressure drop [bar] < 0.3 < 0.1
Water resistance, DIN 51807 pt. 01, 3h/90°C, rating ≤ 1-90 0-90

* Service temperatures are guide values which depend on the lubricant's composition, the intended use and the application method. Lubricants change their consistency, apparent dynamic viscosity or viscosity depending on the mechano-dynamical loads, time, pressure and temperature. These changes in product characteristics may affect the function of a component.

** Speed factors are guide values which depend on the type and size of the rolling bearing type and the local operating conditions, which is why they have to be confirmed in tests carried out by the user in each individual case.

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The data in this product information is based on our general experience and knowledge at the time of printing and is intended to give information of possible applications to a reader with technical experience. It constitutes neither an assurance of product properties nor does it release the user from the obligation of performing preliminary tests with the selected product. We recommend contacting our Technical Consulting Staff to discuss your specific application. If required and possible we will be pleased to provide a sample for testing. Klüber products are continually improved. Therefore, Klüber Lubrication reserves the right to change all the technical data in this product information at any time without notice.

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